Charlie and the Cake Factory.

Welcome – Meet CharlieCake inspired by Roald Dahl - Charlie and the chocolate factory.
CharlieCake is Aiming to be the BSC favorite Holiday Season meme $cake reward token of this season.
All holders will be paid rewards in $cake.
We Live NOW!!.



Charlie and the Cake Factory.

CharlieCake- Soon to be the newest and hottest Holiday season meme coin to hit the Binance Smart Chain. Will you come along and Fill your bags and hang on for the big Holiday season ride!

6 % of All transactions are distributed to the holders as $CAKE Rewards. There is no need to manually claim the rewards since it is distributed automatically in your wallet every 60 minutes.
Advanced Antibot systems will be set in place to ensure bots are not able to front-run and steal liquidity during our FAIR launch on 7 november.
$CharlieCake- is trying to build the strongest BSC community with like-minded, strong holding mentality and $cake lovers. That combined with a team dedicated to continued marketing and development, could be a revolutionary token in the defi-space.

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6 % $Cake Rewards

$CharlieCake token holders are automatically rewarded with CAKE token just by holding. The more active the community is, the more volume is created. Increased trading volume automatically leads to more CAKE token rewards.

2 % Automatic Liquidity

Every transaction contributes toward automatically generating further liquidity. The Auto LP tax will continue to add liquidity to the pool, and in turn reduce price volatility and increase stability.

5 % Marketing

The tax to marketing will be used to spread awareness about the token, and attract new investors and grow our community and project. Partnerships with well-known crypto influencers are planned to enable the last shred of success for $CharlieCake.

2 % Development

The development of an ecosystem takes a lot of time and requires sound technical expertise. In order to compensate the developers adequately, a part of the fees is used.

Our token data

Token Distribution

Token Distribution
Allocation of funds

Total token supply - 100,000,000 $CharlieCake

  • 8% Founders and Team
  • 92% Pancakeswap

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Road Map


• Initial Marketing.
• Building The Community.
• Official Fair Launch on PCS.
• Coingecko & CMC submissions.
• CMS Trending.


• Rewards Calculator LIVE!
• Whitepaper v1.0 Release.
• Shill Raid Contests.
• Listed on CG, CMC,, Live Coin Watch.
• Twitter Promos.
• Shill Raids.
• Weekly AMAs.
• Website Makeover.


• Influencer Marketing.
• CEX Listing.
• CMS Trending.
• Poocoin Ads.
• Dextools Trending.
• Create FOMO.
• Much Much More.


• TBA.

Legal Disclaimer

The information provided on this website does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice and you should not treat any of the website's content as such. The CharlieCake team does not recommend that any cryptocurrency should be bought, sold, or held by you. Do conduct your own due diligence and consult your financial advisor before making any investment decisions. By purchasing, selling, or otherwise interacting with the $CHARLIECAKE token, you are releasing the CharlieCake team, its affiliates, and anyone else involved in the project directly or indirectly from any and all liability. By purchasing CharlieCake , you agree that you are not purchasing a security or investment and you agree to hold the team harmless and not liable for any losses or taxes you may incur. You also agree that the team is presenting the token "as is" and is not required to provide any support or services. Always make sure that you are in compliance with your local laws and regulations before you make any purchase. 

Risk Disclosure: Please note there are always risks associated with smart-contracts. Please use at your own risk. CharlieCake is not a registered broker, analyst or investment advisor. Everything that we provide on this site is purely for guidance, informational and educational purposes. All information contained herein should be independently verified and confirmed. We do not accept any liability for any loss or damage whatsoever caused in reliance upon such information or services. Please be aware of the risks involved with any trading done in any financial market. Do not trade with money that you cannot afford to lose. When in doubt, you should consult a qualified financial advisor before making any investment decisions.